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Mini Implants are smaller than traditional implants and can be used to treat patients who may have been previously ineligible for permanent tooth replacement. Dr. Kevin Khorshid is specialized in tooth replacement for patients with special considerations. Whether you are missing one tooth and the gap is too small for a traditional implant, or you wear dentures and were told you can’t get implants, Dr. Kevin Khorshid offers Mini Implants in Las Vegas, restoring your smile and your quality of life.

Why Mini Implants Las Vegas?

Mini Implants function the same way as traditional implants. They are made up of a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw bone, an o-ring, and a dental crown designed to match your natural teeth.

There are several reasons that Dr. Khorshid would recommend Mini Implants over traditional implants. First and foremost, mini implants don’t require as much jaw bone support in order to be placed. That means patients who have suffered a loss of jaw mass can still be eligible for mini implants, without the added discomfort and expense of a bone graft procedure.

Mini implants can also be used to fill small gaps. Some patients have very narrow spaces to fill, and traditional implants are simply too big to fit. At 1.8 millimeters in diameter, mini implants are far more versatile than traditional implants.

Advantages of Mini Implants Include:

  • Smaller size.
  • Less invasive procedure to place the implants.
  • Mini Implants heal quickly.
  • Requires less jaw bone support.
  • Work for small spaces and small teeth.
  • Can be used to anchor full sets of false teeth in place.

Mini Implants For Denture Wearers

One of the biggest benefits of Mini Implants Las Vegas is that they can be used to permanently anchor false teeth in place. Dr. Khorshid can use four mini implants to create a base for a full set of teeth. These teeth are like dentures, only better. They don’t adhere to the gums, and they are smaller and less bulky than traditional dentures. These “snap on” dentures are attached to the four implants, making them strong and secure. You can eat and speak normally, without anyone ever suspecting you’re wearing false teeth.

Am I Eligible For Mini Implant Solution?

Mini Implants give more patients more options for smile restoration, but you can only determine if you are eligible for Mini Implants by speaking with a dentist who specializes in Mini Implants in Las Vegas. Dr. Kevin Khorshid understands how uncomfortable and even embarrassing tooth loss can be for many people, which is why he has dedicated his practice to giving patients more options for restoring their smiles.

Even if you’ve been wearing traditional dentures for years, Dr. Khorshid may be able to fit you for Mini Implants Las Vegas. If you’re unhappy with your dentures, or if you are missing some teeth and have been previously told you aren’t eligible for a permanent solution, Contact at ABC Dental Center to learn more about your options for Mini Implants Las Vegas.