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Snap On Dentures

Snap on dentures have revolutionized the way many people think about false teeth. Traditional removable dentures sit on top of the gums and can slide around, causing irritation and can even lead to dentures falling out. The biggest complaints among patients who wear conventional dentures are pain and discomfort. When dentures become too difficult to wear, many patients simply stop wearing them and opt instead to face the world with no teeth.

Dr. Kevin Khorshid sees patients every day who hate their dentures. With snap on dentures, he’s able to give these patients a new lease on life by providing them with dentures that stay in place all day, without any fear of a slip or slide.

What Does “Snap On” Mean?

Snap on dentures combine dental prosthetics with dental implants. Two to four very small implants are inserted into the jaw, under the gums. These implants act as the base to which the prosthetic “snaps on” to and his held firmly into place. There are no adhesives required, and once the implants are placed and the tissue heals, you won’t feel the thing. Snap On Dentures are not only stronger than traditional dentures but are far more comfortable.

The Advantages Of Choosing Snap On Dentures

  • Strong – If you have no teeth, you can’t really chew anything and are restricted to soft foods only. Denture wearers can choose more foods but are still quite limited in their choices. Snap on dentures are stronger than conventional dentures and can withstand more pressure, allowing you to eat a variety of foods with confidence.
  • Comfortable – Once your jaw and gums have healed around the implants, you won’t feel them at all. The prosthetic is held in place and causes no friction on the gums.
  • Promotes Jaw Health – The implants used in Snap On Dentures act like natural tooth roots and help your jaw maintain its natural shape and density.
  • Natural Looking – Snap on dentures don’t require the bulky fake “gums” of traditional dentures, so they fit your mouth more naturally and most people can’t tell that you have false teeth just by looking at you.
  • You Don’t Have To Learn To Talk With Your New Teeth – Traditional dentures take some getting used to, and your speech can be affected by the bulk of the prosthetic. With snap on dentures, those bulky pieces aren’t there, so your speech patterns won’t be affected.
  • No Added Expenses – People typically opt for traditional dentures because they are the cheapest option, but they come with hidden costs. Adhesives, creams, soaks, and salves are needed every day in order to properly maintain them. But with snap on dentures, none of these “extras” are required.
  • Your Self-Esteem Will Soar – If you are missing your teeth, of if you aren’t happy with your dentures, you probably don’t get too much enjoyment out of life. With snap on dentures, you’ll have a full set of teeth that won’t pop out or otherwise give itself away. You can socialize with confidence and get back your quality of life.
  • There Is A Snap On Solution For Most Patients – Not every patient will be a candidate for snap on dentures, but Dr. K uses very small implants, which means most patients are eligible, even those who have already lost some jaw density.