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Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are full sets of false teeth that are given to a patient the same they undergo extraction. Sometimes removing all teeth is the only way to restore the health of your gums and jaw. Decay, gum disease or illness can wreak havoc on your mouth, and if you’ve lost many teeth, sometimes dentures are the best choice for smile restoration.

Unfortunately, false teeth have gotten a bad reputation over the years, and one of the biggest drawbacks of dentures has always been the time that must pass between tooth extraction and the placement of permanent dentures. Patients have historically had to wait 8-12 weeks to get teeth. For this reason, many have opted to forego dentures. But immediate dentures mean patients don’t have to go a single day without teeth. Dr. Kevin Khorshid in Las Vegas offers immediate dentures to patients who are embarrassed about facing the outside world without teeth. He understands that it can be very difficult to deal with losing your teeth, which is why he offers his patients choices when it comes to smile restoration. His practice is focused on tooth replacement, and Dr Kevin Khorshid DDS is one of the most popular offices for immediate dentures.

The Benefits Of Choosing Immediate Dentures

The most obvious benefit of immediate dentures is that you leave the office with a full set of teeth in one visit. You never have to worry about the world seeing you without teeth. But there are other benefits to immediate dentures including:

  • Self-confidence – You get a full set of Teeth In A Day and can greet the world with a beautiful smile, rather than a mouth with no teeth.
  • Look younger for longer – Your teeth help to support the skin and muscle of your face. Once they are gone, that muscle and skin begins to sag, making you look much older than you really are. Immediate dentures help support the face and mouth, and keep you looking (and possibly feeling) younger for longer.
  • Act as a bandage – When your teeth are extracted, your gums and jaw will need to heal. You will have small incisions that need to be protected from infection during this time. Immediate dentures help cover, seal, and protect the surgical area, much like a band aid.
  • Gets your mouth used to dentures – If you wait 8-12 weeks for your dentures, you’ll have to re-adjust to having teeth in your mouth and you’ll have to learn how to talk and eat around your prosthetics. But opting for immediate dentures means you can start getting your mouth used to dentures and lowering your learning curve.

How Are Dentures In One Visit Possible?

You will have to make more than one trip to the dentist in order to get dentures, even if you opt for immediate dentures. During your first visit, you’ll consult with Dr. Kevin about your options for smile restoration. Once you’ve both decided that dentures are the right choice, Dr. Kevin can take measurements, x-rays, and impressions of your mouth. From these impressions he will create your immediate dentures. You will work together to choose the right shade for your new teeth, as well. Once your immediate dentures have been created, you’ll come back for your extraction procedure. Your immediate dentures will be fit that same day, and you’ll leave the office with a brand new smile. You will be required to return for follow ups so that Dr. Kevin can monitor your recovery and make adjustments to your immediate dentures as needed. Finally, you’ll come back to receive your permanent dentures.