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Conventional Dentures

Conventional Dentures are the most traditional method of restoring your smile. They are also one of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth. If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth, you aren’t alone. It is estimated that over 20 Million American adults wear dentures, and that number is only expected to rise with each passing year.

Even though dentures are incredibly popular, they often elicit negative feelings in patients dealing with the early stages of tooth loss. But Dr. Kevin Khorshid in Las Vegas is working to change people’s feelings about conventional dentures. Every set of teeth he designs is custom made to fit the specific needs and goals of that particular patient. In fact, he encourages patient input throughout the process. He wants his patients to be comfortable while they are in his exam chair and satisfied when they leave his office.

What Are Conventional Dentures?

Conventional dentures are special dental prosthetics that replace full arches of missing teeth. They can be made out of a variety of materials including plastic, porcelain, acrylic, or other composites.

Complete conventional dentures replace all of your teeth. They can be fit for just the upper arch, just the lower arch, or both. They are fit to the mouth after your gums and jaw have fully healed from tooth extraction, which is typically an 8-12 week period of time. During that time, Dr. K can fit you with an immediate denture so that you can have a full set of teeth while you heal.

What Are The Benefits Of Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are far better for your oral health and your self-esteem than no teeth at all. Some of the benefits include:

  • Eating – If you don’t have any teeth, or if you’re missing quite a few teeth, you may be “gumming” your food. In that case, you’re probably restricted to a diet of very soft foods. With modern conventional dentures, you can eat a wider variety of foods with confidence.
  • Improved speech – Do you whistle when you talk? If you’re missing more than a few teeth, the answer is probably yes. When you replace your missing teeth with conventional dentures, your speech patterns will greatly improve.
  • Improved appearance – When your teeth fall out, there is nothing to support the skin and muscles around your mouth, causing your face to sag prematurely. When you replace your teeth with conventional dentures, you will look younger for longer.
  • Dentures are often covered by insurance – Most dental insurance plans cover some portion of dentures.

Won’t Everyone Know I Have Dentures?

No. Not everyone will know you’re wearing dentures. Those family and friends who are closest to you will notice that your smile has improved, but unless you tell someone you are wearing dentures, they aren’t likely to notice. Modern dentures are designed to fit snugly and appear very natural. If your dentures are slipping, clicking, or popping, it’s a result of poor maintenance.

Once you are fit with your conventional dentures, you’ll have to return to the office each year for a checkup. Your jaw will continue to change shape as you age, so your dentures will need to be occasionally realigned to fit your jaw. With proper maintenance, your dentures can last a long time.

Choose The Right Dentist For Conventional Dentures

Dr. Kevin Khorshid specializes in restoring smiles. Because he works so closely each day with patients who have lost their teeth, he’s developed a deep understanding of how tooth loss can affect your life. He strives to provide patients with the best options based on their health history, current oral health, and personal goals. Conventional dentures don’t mean the end of dental visits. Quite the contrary. That’s why it’s important to choose a dentist who you can be comfortable with for many years.