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Dentures have come a long way. Most of us are familiar with dentures thanks to our grandparents or a crazy uncle who may have used dentures as a way to make us laugh or scare the heck out of us as kids. But today’s dentures are not your grandpa’s dentures. New technology has made them more natural looking, stronger, and more comfortable than ever before.

If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth, you may be embarrassed or self-conscious about the way you look. Dr. Kevin Khorshid understands these fears. He’s dedicated his practice to helping patients who suffer from tooth loss. He provides the most modern techniques with a unique patient care philosophy to ensure everyone who comes into the office is comfortable while they are in his chair, and satisfied when they walk out the door.

But even with recent advancements in Dentures Las Vegas NV, many people are still nervous about replacing their teeth. It can be helpful to learn all about dentures before you make a decision about your smile.

You Have Options When It Comes To Dentures

Dentures are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Dr. Khorshid creates customized Same Day Dentures in Las Vegas for every patient. He will carefully measure your mouth and study the structure of your face and jaw. Using x-rays and dental impressions, he can create new teeth that fit snugly onto your gums. You can even work with him to choose the right size and color of your teeth, and he’ll be able to show you what your dentures will look like before he fits you.

He also has a variety of materials to choose from, so if you are sensitive or have allergies to some materials, you still have plenty of options. But the process is collaborative, and Dr. Kevin will make his recommendations based on your health as well as your personal preferences.

Yes, You Still Have To Visit The Dentist

Some patients believe that once they have dentures, their trips to the dentist are over. That’s a nice thought since most people hate going to the dentist, but unfortunately, it’s not a reality. If you wear eyeglasses, you still have to visit the eye doctor every year for a checkup.  The cost of Dentures in Las Vegas does not make a different. The bone and tissue of your mouth and jaw are always changing, and as you get older, you will lose some mass in your jaw bone. As that happens, your dentures will need to be adjusted and you might have needed a Denture Repair Las Vegas. It’s also important to visit the dentist regularly to be sure that your gums and jaws are healthy.

Dentures Can Last A Long Time, But Not Forever

When you care for your dentures according to Dr. Kevin instructions and you are keeping your annual dental checkups, your dentures can last for many years. But dentures are not unbreakable. If you drop them, bite something hard, step on them, or lose them, they’ll need to be replaced sooner but not to worry because Affordable Dentures Las Vegas are the ideal option in that case. And even the most well-taken-care-of dentures will need to be replaced during your lifetime, thanks to natural wear and tear and the constant evolution of your jaw and gums.

When Properly Designed and Maintained, Dentures Are Not Noticeable

Everyone has seen someone with bad dentures, and this can affect your opinions about false teeth. But typically, dentures are only noticeable when they are poorly constructed or need to be realigned. Dr. Khorshid specializes in prosthetic dentistry, which means he has an in-depth understanding of the construction of dental appliances. He will custom-fit your dentures to ensure a natural look. Once you’ve got your dentures, it’s up to you to maintain your annual appointment to ensure they continue to fit properly so that your dentures aren’t noticeable to others.

The typical “obvious” signs of dentures include clicking, slipping, and odor. But all of these signs are actually an indication of poor maintenance and can be avoided by keeping your annual appointments with Dr. Kevin and following his instructions for the care and cleaning of your dentures.

Learn More about Modern Dentures

Dentures can be very natural looking and comfortable when they are properly designed and well maintained. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a dentist who not only specializes in prosthetic dentistry but who is also focused on patient care and comfort. Dr. Kevin Khorshid of Dental Implants Las Vegas focuses on the unique needs of patients suffering from tooth loss and has become one of the most popular dentists in the Las Vegas area because of his unmatched commitment to his patients.

The staff at DentalImplantsLasVegas.org understands how embarrassing tooth loss can be, and how nervous patients can get when it comes to discussing dentures. Contact them today to learn more about Dentures Las Vegas and you can also make an appointment with Dr. Kevin for a true blue Cost of Dentures in Las Vegas.