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All-On-4 implants have revolutionized the way dentists and patients feel about replacing full sets of teeth. This method of tooth restoration, sometimes referred to as Snap on Dentures or Teeth In A Day, combine the permanence of implants with more conventional dental prosthetics. Like dentures, they replace teeth in a full arch of the mouth, but they are held permanently in place with dental implants. This means patients don’t have to worry about the slipping or discomfort that sometimes come with wearing dentures for many years.

 Dr. Kevin Khorshid and his team specialize in the All-On-4 method of replacing teeth. Dr. Khorshid understands that tooth loss is traumatic and can change the way you feel about interacting with people in your everyday life. Unfortunately, many denture wearers are just as self-conscious as people with gaps in their smile. But choosing All On 4 Implants can help patients feel confident when facing the world.

All On Four Implants Give You Brand New Teeth In A Day

One of the biggest drawbacks of conventional dentures is the 8-12 week waiting period patients must deal with between tooth extraction and being fit with their permanent dentures. The All On 4 Implant method changes all of that. Once you’ve seen Dr. Kevin for your initial evaluation and have decided on this procedure, he can schedule you for a single visit to receive your new implants and bridge. And the day you arrive for your procedure, you can typically expect to be done in about just one hour.

All Four Implants will be inserted into your jaw bone through your gums. Both the incision and the implants are very small, keeping your healing time to a minimum. These implants will anchor your new teeth, but they also act like artificial tooth roots. These implants sit in your jawbone, just as a natural tooth root does, and helps you to maintain the shape and health of your jaw. The post of the implant sticks up and out of the gum, and your new set of teeth will be snapped onto the posts, where they remain firmly in place.

When you leave the office and your numbing medication wears off, you’ll feel a little discomfort. But most patients are able to go home and eat a light dinner on their new teeth without any trouble. So when you choose All On 4 Implants, you start the day with no teeth, but by dinner time, you are able to have a whole new lease on life.

Who Is A Candidate For All On 4 Implants?

One of the great things about All On Four Implants is that most patients are eligible for the treatment. Even if you’ve been told by other dentists that you don’t have enough jaw bone to support implants, Dr. Kevin can probably help you. The implants used in the All On four method are mini implants, which means they are much smaller than traditional implants and don’t require the same amount of bone support in order to be placed. He also inserts the implants at an angle that provides a solid foundation, even if you’ve lost bone density.

What Are The Benefits of All On Four Implants?

There are almost countless benefits to choosing the All On 4 Implant method. They include:

  • New Teeth In A Day – The day you arrive for your new teeth, you’ll have them and be ready to face the world with renewed confidence. You’ll have to come back for follow up visits, but your smile will be restored in just one visit.
  • Eat foods you’ve been missing – Lost teeth and conventional dentures mean limited food choices. All On 4 Implants are much stronger than conventional dentures, and they never slip or slide. This means you’re able to enjoy more food than you thought possible with dentures.
  • Nobody will notice you have false teeth – Dentures can often give themselves away. They slip, fall out, pop, click, and sometimes give off a foul odor. All On Four Implants never slop or slide. You don’t have to worry about being “outed” that you have false teeth.
  • No hidden costs – Conventional dentures and partials require you to purchase special care products each and every month. Your upfront cost may have been low, but you’ll literally be paying for your dentures the rest of your life. There are no adhesives or soaks to purchase with All On 4 Implants.
  • Promotes jaw and gum health – When you lose your teeth, your jawbone shrinks around the newly formed spaces where your roots used to be. This affects the size and shape of your jaw and leaves you vulnerable to gum disease. But Dental Implants mimic tooth roots, helping your jaw maintain its density and shape.
  • Look younger for longer – Without teeth in your mouth to support your facial muscles, you can appear saggy and sunken-in, which can cause you to look 10 to 20 years older than you really are. All On Four Implants support the muscles of the face and help you to look your age (or even younger).

All On 4 Implants Can Give You Back Your Life

It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. When you aren’t happy with your teeth, you often aren’t happy with your life. It changes the way you think about socializing and interacting with others, and can leave you feeling isolated. But All On Four Implants give you a strong, natural looking, and permanent smile, which can open the door for you to take back your life.

Dr. Kevin Khorshid is specializes in dental implant technology. Don’t spend another day suffering because of your smile. Contact ABC Dental Implant Center to make an appointment to learn all about All On Four Implants Las Vegas