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Dr. Kevin Khorshid, a licenced dentist in Las Vegas also experienced in the dentistry, he has served his community faithfully for over a decade. He has the leadership in the dentistry field, he provides an affordable dental implants and dentures in Las Vegas, that can help to patients improve with better dental health. He is now bridging the gap between technology and comfort with sedation dentistry. He is involved with various charities by donating time and finances.

Dr. Kevin committed to grace his skills through continuing study to stay in touch with the latest technology, latest products and equipment’s to provide state-of-the-art dental care. This is the first priority to make their patients feel good and protect them with oral disease, that is why their office meets all OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Center of Disease Control) standards.

Dr. Khorshid is expertise in different areas of dentistry, he performs everything expertly from implants to cosmetic reconstruction. He is skilled in al aspect of oral function and health and provides different services such as:

Dr. Kevin puts him at the edge of implants and restorative dental techniques and knowledge.

  • Kevin is expert in Dental implants and Dentures.
  • He also has the experienced in root canals, Teeth whitening dentistry.
  • He is up-to-date with the latest technology in Dentistry to provide the very best result possible to her patients.
  • He is one of the renowned names in the dentistry in Las Vegas.
  • You will always find positive response from them.
  • He has experienced in almost every sector in dentistry.
  • He offers Oral Surgery, Check-Ups, Cosmetic Dentistry.

Other different Services like:Dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening, Crown and Bridges, Gum Disease, Root Canals and Emergency, they provide to their patients.

Dr. Kevin Khorshid has helped thousands of patients to recover their smile and provide the satisfactory results. ABC Dental Implants Center in Las Vegas is the best Dental care clinic in Dental Implants, his team perform everything expertly for their patients. Dental Implants and dentures are some solution to get the healthy smile. He is a trained and certified, experienced dentist to resolve these dental problems. He always prefers working with the latest technology and always being up to date with them.