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Teeth In A Day Las Vegas

Teeth In A Day Las Vegas can restore your smile. If someone told you that you can get a full set of brand new teeth in one visit to the dentist, you might not believe it. But some amazing advancements in dental technology have made this not only possible but more and more common.

Dr. Khorshid has made it his professional mission to help patients replace their lost teeth in the most comfortable, natural-looking, and affordable manner possible. He knows that missing teeth can not only affect your smile, but also your general outlook on life. With his Teeth In A Day method, patients enter the office with no teeth, or with a smile that leaves them embarrassed. But they leave the office with a brand new, permanent smile, and a new lease on life.

What Are Teeth In A Day?

New Teeth In A Day are accomplished with a technique called All-On-4 Implants. This is a hybrid method, combining dental implants with dental prosthetics. Once all of your teeth are removed, Dr. Khorshid inserts four tiny dental implants into the jaw, underneath the gums. These implants act as a base for a full dental bridge. The prosthetic “snaps on” to the dental implants, where they are firmly anchored.

Patients will experience some soreness after the procedure, but the whole process is so minimally invasive that many people are able to eat a light dinner the same day as they get their new teeth. The All-On-4 method truly gives you new Teeth In A Day.

Most patients are eligible for this type of tooth replacement method, whether you’ve still got some of your natural teeth or you’ve been wearing dentures for a few years. The mini implants used in the All-On-4 procedure are small, meaning even if you’ve lost jaw mass you can support the implants. Even if you require some tooth extractions, the implants can still be placed the same day.

What Are The Benefits Of New Teeth In A Day:

  • Same Day Smile Restoration – The name says it all. New teeth. Just one day. You will have to come in for a consultation before you can schedule your procedure, and you’ll be required to come back to see Dr. Khorshid for follow ups, but you can have a brand new smile in one office visit.
  • Your Teeth Are Fixed In Place – The All-On-4 method permanently anchors your bridges in place. They won’t slip and slide like dentures, and they are stronger than traditional false teeth. You can eat a wider variety of foods without worrying about your teeth popping out.
  • Your Teeth Are Permanent – This is a permanent procedure. While traditional bridges and dentures need to be re-adjusted on a regular basis, the Teeth In A Day method is a long-term solution that (when properly maintained) can last a lifetime.
  • It’s Good For Your Jaw – When your teeth fall out, it affects the health of your jaw. You actually lose bone and tissue density, which causes your face to appear sunken in, and leaves you more vulnerable to gum disease. Dental implants help you to maintain essential bone mass and keep your jaw and gums healthy.
  • Easy And Inexpensive to Maintain – You don’t have to buy any special soaks, creams, adhesives, or gels like you do with traditional dentures, and you don’t need to replace your prosthetic every few years like traditional bridgework. You brush and floss your new teeth like you do natural teeth, so there are no extra monthly expenses to worry about.

We Are Leaders In Permanent Teeth In A Day

Dr. Khorshid and his team are dedicated to permanently restoring smiles. Your natural teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but in reality, most adults will face gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Ignoring just one lost tooth leads to future problems. And many denture wearers are perpetually unhappy with the fit and feel of their false teeth. Dr. Khorshid understands that tooth loss affects every aspect of your life and strives to provide patients with solutions that can restore your quality of life.