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Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are a popular alternative to conventional dentures. Traditional false teeth sit on top of the gums, held in place with nothing but adhesive gels or tape. This can lead to soreness and slipping. But fixed dentures are held in place with dental implants. The implants are inserted into the actual jaw bone, just like your natural teeth. Then, a bridge is permanently affixed to the implants. Fixed dentures are strong, comfortable, and are a great alternative for patients who might be less than enthusiastic about dentures.

Dr. Kevin Khorshid in Las Vegas specializes in helping patients permanently restore their smile. Even if you’ve been told in the past that you were not eligible for implant-supported fixed dentures, Dr. K may be able to find a solution for you. He and his team have access to the most advanced technology, materials, and procedures to help give patients options when it comes to dentures.

Why Choose Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures have a few benefits over traditional dentures. You may not think that losing your teeth is a big deal, especially with the amount of cosmetic options available for replacing them. But tooth replacement isn’t just about cosmetics. When your teeth fall out, there are physiological changes that happen in your mouth. The jaw bone and gum tissue around the new space begins to shrink up, causing loss of bone density. It also causes your remaining teeth to move around in your mouth, and makes them more susceptible to decay and loss. Have you ever noticed that you can tell just by looking at someone that they don’t have any teeth? Think about the shape of their face. The jaw is often small and sunken in. That’s due to the bone loss that comes with missing teeth. Fixed dentures use dental implants, which act as replacement tooth roots. These new “roots” help you maintain jaw density, and keep your gums healthy.

Some of the other benefits of choosing Fixed Dentures Include:

  • Access to a wider variety of foods – Fixed dentures are stronger than conventional dentures, so you can choose from a wider variety of foods.
  • Comfortable – Once your jaw has healed from the implants, you won’t feel them. And because the dentures don’t sit on the gums, there is no friction that can lead to soreness.
  • Easy to care for – Conventional dentures require lots of daily maintenance to keep them clean and free of stains and odors. These soaks, gels, and adhesives can be expensive. Fixed dentures don’t require these extras.

Trade Your Conventional Dentures For Fixed

The biggest complaints among patients who wear conventional dentures are poor fit and discomfort. Conventional dentures – even when they fit will – can sometimes slip, slide, or even pop right out of your mouth. Unfortunately, this leads many patients to forego wearing their dentures. But fixed dentures can change all of that.

Even if you’ve been wearing conventional dentures for some time, Dr. Khorshid can help. The implants used in fixed dentures are very small and are placed at an angle. This means that less bone support is needed to keep them in place. Trading your conventional dentures for fixed dentures can give you a whole new outlook on life. Your teeth will be held in place while you eat and sleep, and you don’t have to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out.

Dr. Khorshid specializes in Implant Dentistry. He has the technology and the education to provide patients with the most advanced procedures, giving more patients more options for replacing their teeth. If you’re considering replacing your teeth, contact Dr. Khorshid to learn more about your options for Fixed Dentures.