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Replace All Teeth In Las Vegas

In the past, traditional dentures were the only available options to replace all teeth, other than doing absolutely nothing. But now, patients who have lost all of their teeth, or who are in danger of losing all of their teeth have several options for restoring their smile.

At DentalImplantsLasVegas.org, Dr. Kevin Khorshid focuses on tooth replacement. Over the years, he’s developed a deep understanding of the unique fears and anxieties that patients suffer when it comes time to talk about tooth loss. Losing your teeth isn’t just a matter of oral health. It’s also a matter of your quality of life. If you find yourself embarrassed to socialize or shying away from getting your picture taken because you’ve lost your teeth, Dr. Khorshid can work with you to choose the right option to replace all of your teeth.

Full Dentures To Replace All Teeth

Full dentures are the most traditional choice for tooth replacement. Full sets of false teeth are fit over the gums and held in place with adhesive. A lot of people cringe at the thought of getting traditional full dentures because they know people who have awkward-looking smiles, or they fear their dentures might fall out in public.

Dr. Khorshid uses the most modern technology to create and fit dentures that will match your mouth and your lifestyle. He has a variety of materials to choose from, and you can work together to create a size and tooth shade that is right for you. The Dr. Kevin Khorshid works as your partner in tooth restoration, considering your personal feelings and comfort level in making final choice.

Some patients are reluctant to get dentures because they believe they have to go several months with no teeth. This used to be true, but Dr. Khorshid can give you immediate dentures the same day you have your remaining teeth extracted. Immediate dentures can be worn out of the office the same day as your procedure, which means you never have to face the world without your teeth. An added benefit of immediate dentures is that they cover up your incisions, acting as a bandage that can help protect your gums and jaw as you heal.

All-On-4 Implants Can Give You New Teeth In A Day

Dentures aren’t the only option to replace all of your teeth. All On 4 implants, also referred to as a fixed bridge, have given patients a brand new lease on life. Dr. Khorshid can insert four mini implants into your dental arch, beneath the gum, and into the jaw bone. Those four implants act as a base for a full set of false teeth. These teeth are less bulky than traditional implants since they don’t need to adhere to the gum surface. They are permanently snapped into place, which means you don’t have to ever worry about your teeth popping out when you laugh or when you eat.

This procedure can be completed in one office visit, which means that in just one day you can have a new, permanent smile. And even if you’ve been told in the past that you don’t have enough jaw mass to support dental implants, Dr. Khorshid can probably help you. The implants used in the All-On-4 technique are very small and inserted at an angle, which requires much less jaw bone for support. Even if you’ve worn traditional dentures for several years, you may be able to switch to All-On-4 implants.

What Is The Best Option To Replace All Teeth?

The best option to replace all of your teeth depends upon you. Dr. Kevin will conduct a thorough exam, and then sit and speak with you about your oral health and your personal goals for your new smile. Once he gets a full picture of your mouth, as well as a full picture of your lifestyle and personal preferences, he’ll work with you to make a choice that will not only restore your smile but restore your life as well.