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A Dental Implant is like a tooth root which is titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone underneath the gum line and after that, a crown is placed on that implant.  A dental implant does not come free like a denture they are fitted to the crown. Described below is the Dental Implant Process which will make you more familiar with the dental implant treatment in the Las Vegas.

Placing Of The Dental Implant

If your bone is adequate strong that it can support the dental implant then your bone is drilled to place the dental implant otherwise a person will first require bone grafting to make the bone adequate strong so that it can support the dental implants. Dental Implants are positioned deeply in the bone to give the stability to the artificial teeth and furnish them with the strengthful chewing.


Osseointegration is the process where new bone is laid down directly on the implant surface and the implant demonstrates primary stability. The process of osseointegration can take several months to provide a strong foundation to the artificial tooth. In several months generally after three months, a solid base is ready for the abutment placement.

Abutment Placement

Abutment placement is done when the osseointegration process is successfully over. The abutment is that part of the process that connects implants with the artificial tooth. It can be made of titanium or gold or the porcelain, they are not like implants that can only be made of titanium. It is attached to implant with the help of a screw. In the process, gum is reopened to have access to the implant.

Placing Artificial Tooth

When the abutment is attached to the implant and the gums are healed properly then the artificial crown is placed. The crown cannot be placed until the jawbone is strong enough to support the use of new artificial tooth. The crown is screwed or cemented onto the abutment. You can get a fixed or removable tooth and it depends upon your choice.

What Are The Factors That Are Considered by a Dentist Before the Dental Implant Treatment?

  • First of all, it is seen that what the location of the missing teeth is? There are many locations in the jaw where bones cannot support the implants. Suppose if you are having two three missing teeth in the front then it is better to get All on Four Implants. The quality of the jawbone and its quantity is checked before the dental implants.
  • The health of the patient is the important issue that is to be checked before dental implants. For example, the patient should not have any disease like diabetes.
  • Dental Implants Cost is also considered before the treatment.

Advantages of Dental Implants are stated underneath –

Permanent Solution

This is the fathomed truth the dental implants are the permanent solution to the missing teeth. At the Dental Implant Center, Doctor Kevin is the leading dentist who is famous for his exceptional dental skills and for the world class dental implant treatment. He will give you a permanent smile and chewing ability and you will remain orally and overall healthy throughout of your life.

Lifestyle and Confidence

Dental implants are the important procedure of the cosmetic dentistry. They improve the lifestyle of a person that boosts his or her confidence level in the society. Dental implants are the complete solution of the missing and they solve all problems at once.


Dental Implants are the comfortable treatment and they are having strength approximately to the natural teeth. Dental implants cause no inflammation, irritation, and sensitivity to the gums and once the treatment is over they will give you the permanent comfort. No doubt, Affordable Dentures are the cost effective procedure but dental implants once implanted then there is no need to take them out and clean them or getting them repaired.

Dental Implants Procedure for Long Lasting Smile

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