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Dental Implant Cost Charlotte NC

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Paige needed dental implants to correct the effects a childhood injury. She loves the result and was also happy to find that implants are more affordable that she realized. Dr. Robert L. Harrell of Harrell Dental Implant Center creates and restores beautiful smiles with the most advanced dental implant technology available. Whether you need to have one tooth or several replaced, or even require full-mouth teeth restoration, Dr. Harrell can meet your needs. Call or email us today to schedule a free, no-obligation implant consultation.

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Dental Implants are Worth the Cost

Dental implants are permanent artificial teeth which are surgically inserted into the jawbone under a person’s gum. Basically, implants are a recent dental procedure and they can serve numerous purposes just the same way natural permanent teeth can. Dental implants are more costly than other treatment methods, but their strength, stability and durability make them worth every penny. Once implanted they can last for a very long time period. This write up will focus on discussing reasons why dental implants are worth the cost.

* Intricacies of Dental Implants

Getting dental implants can be an involved procedure which is accomplished in stages that can last up to nine months if all steps, including bone grafting, are required. Typically, the extended time period involved is important since it allows proper healing to effectively take place. It also gives room for new bone to grow in the patient’s jaw. Once a patient achieves sufficient bone growth, replacement teeth is then attached appropriately to metal posts. The patient then ends up with prosthetic teeth that look and function like their natural teeth.

As you’ve seen, dental implant is a process that goes through stages and can take several months before the entire procedure is done. This is one reason why we can say that dental implant is really worth the cost.

* The Person that Offers Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implant treatment is a process that usually requires a specialist to ensure that you are receiving the very best care. The dentists needs to be qualified to handle all of the various stages involved in the process. For instance, he needs to be able to graft bone, perform the implant procedure, and place the crown on top of the implant.

This is the reason why the cost involved in surgical implants is two- fold. Basically, the first amount the patient is charged is for the surgery involved and the second fee is often for purchasing the prosthetic tooth. Let’s now have a look at what the entire process can cost you.

Cost of Dental Implants

Many factors are responsible when it comes to estimating the exact cost of dental implants. Generally, some of these variables that determine the cost include:

^ The kind of implant that the patient prefers. There are two kinds of dental implants i.e. removable implant prosthesis and fixed implant prosthesis.

^ The level of experience the dentists who’ll be involved in the procedure have.

As you’ve seen implants are the very best long-term solution for replacing lost teeth, but that comes at a slightly higher but well worth it price.

Last but not the least; despite dental implants being considered a costlier procedure, they really are worth the cost.
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Dental Implant Cost Charlotte NC
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